freeCodeCamp Progress Report 中

freeCodeCamp Progress Report 中

We code all night to get lucky

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I just completed the object oriented programming lessons in JavaScript algorithms and data structures. It wasn't pure torture, but it came close. I'm glad I powered through it though. I almost even enjoyed myself a few times. Now to muster up the motivation to tackle the functional programming lesson set. After that it seems like I will finally get to cook up code that doesn't just return Bird properties .

Looking ahead, I'm eager to get to scientific computing with python where I'll be in my element. Until then, I guess its gonna be more console.log("I've got a migrane"); peppered with cooking up graphs on MATLAB. How privileged of me .

Aside: I told my Dad I'd attempt to get the MATLAB Associate certification sometime this year since he renewed my license (btw, I'm highly aware I'm 30 and a financial delinquent ) . Even though I don't expect to monetize my MATLAB skills at this point, in the spirit of honoring thou father and mother I need to stop procrastinating and register for that thing sooner rather than later.

Thank you anyone who has read this. I actually really its cool that you spent time reading a post about myself that is primarily for my future self (since that is the only person I figure who would be interested in my freeCodeCamp progress report).

Anyway, that's all I got for now. Apologies if my writing was too casual. I'm still new here and not much of a writer. I ended up having a decent time writing this post and hopefully this won't be my last post here. I'll make a mental note to post again before moving on to the next certification (assuming I complete this current one). Hopefully I don't lose it 仁打