Renzo's First Post

Renzo's First Post

About Me


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Hey everyone! I'm an aspiring freelancer/developer/researcher trying to figure out the right cocktail of skills to acquire that will lead to a steady income. My degrees are all science-related and have nothing to do with software development, yet I somehow found myself learning to program after a few years of unemployment. My prolonged unemployment status is due to the fact that I am stubborn and want make a living that quenches my thirst for knowledge. You could say I was programed to be a scientist (pardon the pun ๐Ÿ˜…).

Although I never would have guessed it initially, it seems like web development (I hope I am using the term correctly) is going to be the thing that allows me to channel my current skillsets that are more science-based into something marketable. I am still very much a novice at HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but I am at a point where I'm motivated enough to keep learning. I have quite a bit of experience with MATLAB (which I mainly use as a learning aid) and some experience with Python from a few years ago. Currently, I'm powering through the second freeCodeCamp certification. Hopefully I can keep at it. There are a few certifications listed in their curriculum that seem like a real grind, but I see a lot of potential for integrating my science skills with those I would acquire from certifications pertaining to machine learning and python.

Although I'm an outsider when it comes to computer science, maybe I'll wake up one day and realize I'm developer. However, becoming a developer isn't necessarily a priority of mine. My main goal is to figure out a way to make an income while working remotely (my sleep schedule doesn't seem to agree with the 9-5 grind and I'm sick of always getting fired for being late). I want to tailor the skills I decide to acquire so that I can still contribute to and engage with the scientific community in the future. I still have a dream of going back to school and getting a PhD. I'm hoping this coding detour I'm taking will not only help me support myself financially, but also to fulfill my dream of becoming a real scientist.